The Impact of President Biden’s Executive Order on AI and Crypto


President Biden's groundbreaking executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) is set to significantly impact the AI landscape and the cryptocurrency market, including major players like XRP. This executive order aims to address the risks associated with AI while providing guidance to government agencies on its responsible use. Here's a closer look at the potential consequences of this order:

Game-Changing Executive Order

Cryptocurrency experts are expressing concerns about the possibility of computer energy being labeled a "national resource," which could lead to legislative restrictions on energy use. This could have a far-reaching impact on the cryptocurrency industry and its applications in sectors like healthcare, trade, housing, education, and more.

Impact on the Cryptocurrency Market

One key aspect to consider is the direct influence of this executive order on the cryptocurrency market. According to Forbes, this decision may directly affect the market values of cryptocurrencies like XRP and Bitcoin. Specific details about the forthcoming order have already created a buzz in the crypto community.

This directive represents a significant effort to bring order to a technology that has been growing explosively. Recent advancements in generative AI models with human-like capabilities have added to the urgency of regulating this technology.

Overcrowded Crypto Landscape

Forbes predicts a crowded crypto market, driven in part by surging prices of XRP, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. This market optimism is fueled by growing interest from the financial industry, particularly from Wall Street. However, the involvement of the U.S. government could potentially disrupt the current trends.

The Executive Order Details

Notably, the forthcoming executive order will emphasize the safe and responsible deployment of artificial intelligence, as highlighted by Billy Bambrough, a senior Forbes contributor. This emphasis on AI and the announcement by President Biden have raised concerns in the cryptocurrency sector.

Concerns About the 'National Resource' Classification

One major concern is the potential classification of computer energy as a "national resource." Such a classification could lead to legislative changes or limits on energy usage related to cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology, with profound consequences for the cryptocurrency industry. This could impact cryptocurrency decentralization and energy consumption, causing sector unease.

Arati Prabhakar, the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, expressed concerns about generative AI tools like ChatGPT, which played a role in the development of this executive order.

Impact on Bitcoin Miners

The potential limitations on purchasing computing power, if imposed, could negatively affect the broader cryptocurrency market, extending its impact to assets like XRP. These concerns primarily revolve around Bitcoin miners, who might face constraints in acquiring the necessary computing power, thereby affecting their productivity. Alexander Grieve, Head of Government Affairs at Paradigm, drew parallels to "Operation Choke Point" but for computing power, highlighting the potential consequences of classifying computing energy as a "national resource."

In Conclusion

In conclusion, President Biden's executive order on artificial intelligence carries significant weight in both the AI and cryptocurrency domains. Its potential to reshape the integration of AI and its impact on the cryptocurrency market, particularly XRP, are causes for intense discussion and scrutiny within these industries.

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